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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & IoT Paris, France.

Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Tarek Saadawi

City University of New York, USA

Keynote: Artifi cial Immune System Based Approach to Cyber Attack Detection

Time : 09:30-10:15

OMICS International AI & IoT 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Tarek Saadawi photo

Dr. Saadawi is Professor and Director of the Center of Information Networking & Telecommunications, City University of New York, City College (CUNY/CCNY).  He is current research interests are intersion detection systems and cybersecurity.


Cyber Attacks have been increaing at an alraming rate.   For example, the attack on DYN compnay on October, 2016 have resulted in the cutoff of Internet services in the North East of the USA. The Dyn company is an organization that controls many of the Domain Name Servers that service American domains. This widely successful attack utilized the now infamous Mirai – a nasty piece of malware that powers an extensive botnet largely populated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  Advancements in Internet of Things (IoT), wireless, advanced robotics, intelligent agents, cloud computing and other technologies, as well as reliance on 3rd party commercial-off-the-shelf software, will also increase the cyber-attack surface in systems and networks.

Given the ability of the human immune system to detect all infections and how the human body can be related to the complex network of interconnected systems that exist today, our proposal takes a biological approach to solving the network intrusion detection problem. Our proposed bio-inspired system for network intrusion detection makes use of the models that exist in immunology which has been abstracted to an area under artificial intelligence known as artificial immune system (AIS). The proposed system will be a combination of the immunology-developed theory of self-nonself (SNS), and danger theory (DT). The proposed system stems from our successful application of SNS and DT respectively to the detection of cyber attacks that originate from external networks. Our proposed system will be detecting cyber-attacks that originate from both inside and outside a communication network.

Keynote Forum

Pasi Hurri

BaseN Corporation, Finland

Keynote: Intelligent spimes - future of the digital fabric of reality

Time : 10:15:11:00

OMICS International AI & IoT 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Pasi Hurri  photo

Since establishing BaseN Corporation in 2001, Pasi Hurri has been holding the position of Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Hurri is an expert speaker and senior Member of IEEE as well as a visiting lecturer at several Universities. Prior to founding BaseN, Mr. Hurri spent more than a decade in senior technology management positions. He presided the engineering effort of the KPNQwest Eurorings network, then the largest pan-European carrier transporting more than 50% of the Internet traffic. Within Ahlstrom Corporation Mr. Hurri managed the creation of a global IP network in the early 90`s.


AI and IoT are changing the way in which organizations innovate and control their processes, products and services. Spimes build the perfect base for evolving AI applications which enable the transformation from physical products to services and further allow for easy mass customization.


OMICS International AI & IoT 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Michaelene Holder March photo

Mrs Holder-March, is a goal driven healthcare executive with over 31 years of leadership and training experience. She is also well known and respected in the UK and USA for her professionalism, her vast experience and portfolio of managing Corporate & Clinical Governance, Information Governance, Risk Management, Operations, System Resilience, Claims, Audit and Health and Safety in both the public and private healthcare sector. Drawing on her experience working with a wide range of companies of all sizes, from all sectors, Michaelene is an enthusiastic and inspirational coach, also a strategic advisor in the reorganising companies and advising CEOs and senior management, specialises in revitalising companies, ensuring that business objectives are achieved through having the right people in the right roles. Michaelene Gail Holder-March is a qualified teacher, nurse & midwife with registrations both in the UK & USA; she also holds a LLB and MBA in Management. She is a strong advocate of hands-on, inquiry-based learning, she actively involves herself in a variety of charitable community service, mentoring /coaching others to follow her lead.


Technology is swiftly changing the landscape of care and delivery frameworks whereby healthcare organisations can now help patients through the utilization of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies / systems to improve patients’ health outcomes and experiences by using rich health data and insights to enable a holistic patient diagnosis. Globally healthcare organisations are unconsciously challenged to keep stride with patient behaviour and expectations for digitally mobile and accessible systems of care.

There are hurdles for healthcare organisations in regards to the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies this includes the lack of interoperability with current patient record electronic system, suppliers accountability for failures, data storage, consent and data sharing, password protection and the management of the multiple connected devices from various suppliers. Other published hurdles are the tremendous quantity of hospital and multiple streams of patient data from various devices and readiness for the hospitals information technology departments to manage data security, compliance with information governance, data regulations and cyber security which are to be risk managed on a daily basis. Despite the hurdles, the benefits of fully embracing Internet of Things  (IoT) Technologies within healthcare is a welcome advancement in modern healthcare.